Our specialized office offers lots of distinguished statutory services and works that enable you achieve all your business throughout procedural and legal framework. In addition, we offer our services in two languages: Arabic and English

Statutory and Sharia’a (Islamic laws) Consulting Dept.

We have highly qualified experts in law who are able to offer normal and instant statutory consulting in the different sections of both the private and public laws.

Contracts Dept.

Our lawyers drift and edit the different kinds of contracts and agreements between individuals and/or companies.

Arbitration Dept.

Resolving disputes via mediation is an exception and limitation of litigation in respect of periods of time, appointments and secrecy. In fact, arbitration is one of the juristic growing systems which is introduced as a solution for resolving disputes. This is true because it has positive impacts that go with what the different trade works require. Besides, all the local and international transactions need it because of its pace and flexibility in bringing the opposed parties into agreement and getting a final judgment in a very short time.

Due to all the above mentioned facts, we have the best specialized technical staff that achieve this service according to the latest rules. We represent our clients in the cases under prosecution by arbitral tribunal. We , also, prepare charter parties arbitration and present the legal advocacy aspects related to that situation using the best legal and skillful techniques that ensure a high speed in the presented disputes without affecting the proper functioning of justice. Counselor Turki Al Rasheed, the Head of the Office, is an international arbitrator who is certified by many local and international centers. He is one of the best in the field of arbitration in Saudi Arabia.

Companies and money collecting Dept. Our lawyers establish all kinds of companies:

  • 1. shared holding company
  • 2. Limited company
  • 3. Limited responsibility company
  • 4. Shares recommendation company
  • 5. General Solidarity partnership company
  • 6. Quotes company

In addition, we ,also, can amend the companies establishment contracts, and present all the necessary procedures within the administrations of companies, the CR, and the notary. Moreover, we work in the field of clearance of companies, renewing and cancelling the CRs and all other legal procedures.

Pleadings Dept.

Our office is specialized in solving disputes, representing companies in the courts and its administrations, tenders, and collecting money by all friendly and legal means.

Insurance Issues Dept.

We handle the pleadings in all the issues of insurance that arise between a client and the insurance company because of insurance policies. We represent our clients in front of the committee competent until they get a final decision in the assigned issue. Then, we follow up the executive measures in addition to all the regular consultations of insurance works.

Foreign Investment Dept.

Saudi Arabia is the largest free economic market in the Middle East since it has 25% of the Arab GDP (Gross Domestic Product). In addition, it has the largest oil reserves in the world and provide energy for investment projects in the lowest prices around the world. All the above mentioned facts make Saudi Arabia the perfect destination for projects that depend on energy consuming.

Turki Al Rasheed Office offers its clients, foreign investors, a bundle of legal services that enables them to establish a fruitful presence in Saudi Arabia. Our services include:

  • 1. provide all legal advice relating to investment systems.
  • 2. Establishing foreign companies.
  • 3. Issuing permits.
  • 4. Joint ventures.
  • 5. Consolidation.
  • 6. Acquisitions.
  • 7. Clearance.

In addition to all the legal services in the field of investment including the all the cases that arise because of the disputes relating to the foreign investment in Saudi Arabia.

Brands dept.

This department is dedicated for registering brands, patents, fees, and business models.

Commercial agencies Dept.

We prepare and draft commercial agency contracts according to the systems and requirements of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. In addition, we achieve all the necessary procedures that are required for registering and renewing the registration of the agency in the Department of Commercial Agencies.

Trade Issues Dept.

We hold the pleadings before commercial departments and the Grievance Board. This includes all the cases related to all kinds of business, overland trade, maritime trade, construction contracts, supply, transportation, and disputes that take place between the captains of ships . We do all of that till we get a compromise or a decision by the court. Then, we follow up the fulfilling of the verdicts before the Enforcement judges, Civil Rights Department, and Police Departments.

Commercial Paper Issues Dept.

We hold the pleadings, related to the commercial paper issues (checks, bills, bonds), before commercial paper committees to get decisions including all the amounts claimed, and that includes providing legal objections before the committee until we get a final decision by that committee.

Inheritances and Legacies Dept.

This is related to all kinds of wills, the distribution of inheritance portions, and finding solutions for the problems connected with the missing heirs. We also help in solving all the disputes related to the inheritance distribution among the heirs according to Sharia Laws whether this done by compromising or via court.

Labor Issues Dept.

This section includes the claims of the workers in the private and public sectors. We deal with all the claims related to pension, wages, salaries, allowances, injuries at work, residencies, and all the disputes related them. We also present the complaints before the Ministry of Labor and follow them up.

Administrative Issues Dept.

We hold all the pleadings before the Grievance Board concerning all the administrative issues (cancellation and compensation), and the issues of compensating the constructors who work for the government agencies especially if there are sudden changes in the conditions or prices.
This includes all the issues related to civil jobs and the civil service system, recruitments, allowances, claims, ending services, changing job location, promotions, salaries, and the cancellation of the administrative and punishment decrees.

Civil Issues Dept.

We hold the pleadings before the Regular Courts till the end of the issue whether it ends with reconciliation or a final judgment. Then, we follow up the executive procedures.

Compensation cases department.

We hold the pleadings in the issues of blood money, compensation, and inheritance before the Regular Courts, The Grievance Board, and the Medico-Legal Committee until we get a final judgment. Then, we follow up the executive procedures.

Criminal Issues Dept.

We give advice concerning all the criminal cases and prepare the necessary regulations and memorandums.

Personal Status Issues Dept.

This department includes filing the cases connected with marriage, divorce, alimony, incubation, viewing children, denial and proving of the descent, obedience, and divorce with mutual consent.